Miira is committed to providing quality products that meet the basic needs of keeping up with required personal safety products. Miira has been in business for many years and maintains a strong commitment to importing and supplying products that improve working conditions and promote safety on the job-site of every working professional.

Our strategy has always involved listening to people as they’ve shared their needs for specific solutions. In response, we have adapted and supplied unique products to meet those needs. As we commence our journey to make this world a safer place despite the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic downplaying us all, we aspire to continue to listen, innovate, and supply unique solutions to everyone out there.

Who We Are?

Miira is one of the leading importers and suppliers of Personal Safety Equipment in India. The wide variety of products from Miira is known for its finest quality and performance. We provide the best protection safety solutions. Our products are sold in and around across U.P., India, and Southeast Asia.

We provide best-in-class personal safety products to maximize your safety. We strive to educate & empower all our customers because we want that in the face of Coronavirus or any other danger, you and your loved ones are equipped with not only excellent products but knowledge as well. We believe that everyone should always remain protected so they can live a safe and healthy life with peace of mind.


We provide products with superior quality and value to the public and private establishments and other end-users while improving and enhancing the quality of people’s lives all the time
Our Mission

Miira is deeply committed to protecting the lives of millions of workers working in Corporate Offices, Government buildings, and other Industrial Environments all across India and other parts of Asia by providing them with supreme quality of Personal healthcare and other safety products. Furthermore, our mission is to provide quality products that meet the basic need of keeping up with required personal safety products.

Our Vision

Miira, as a company, is committed to providing ultimate customer satisfaction by ensuring an adequate supply of personal safety products, which are of “Highest-Quality Standard, and one of the best among others available in the market.

We shall provide a full range of personal safety and other products to all our customers, serving the needs of the workers across India. We shall equip the people in every part of India and South East Asia exposed to COVID-19 and other hazards in their working environment, with complete knowledge on Personal Safety. We will dedicate all our efforts in reaching out to them, understand their needs, and provide them with appropriate solutions.

Finally, we commit ourselves to abide by all obligatory and applicable requirements and move towards providing better safety to everyone. We’ll provide a genuine team spirit wherever we go.